Mind + Motion

Run/Walk Therapy

Mind+Motion is an alternative approach to traditional talk therapy.

This therapy takes place while walking or running together (therapist and client).

Benefits of Mind + Motion Therapy

The benefits identified include moving and getting some exercise while doing therapy, though it should not be considered a workout.  Also, some clients may feel more comfortable working in therapy “side by side” instead of making direct eye contact. Clients learn how aerobic exercise can benefit their mental health, as well as, the more commonly known physical benefits of exercise.

An initial intake session takes place in the office to get history and identify clients goals for therapy. Client and therapist discuss if run/walk therapy is an appropriate fit. 

walking and talking

How It Works

What a client can expect during run/ walk therapy session: 

  • Intake takes place in office for 1-2 sessions. I assess if running/walking therapy is an appropriate fit.
  • Confidentiality is addressed.
  • Safety – liability waiver signed.
  • What is the client comfortable discussing while walking or running? And what are they uncomfortable discussing?
  • I remind client this is a way to look at issues with a different mindset, resolve, and problem solve. It’s not just burning calories, and it’s not meant as a workout.
  • We come together to engage in a therapy relationship so client can learn things about them self to change their life. Running tends to lessen client’s defenses and promotes communication. 
  • I guide client with pace: if new to running teach/coach how to build upon running safely (Run/walk as needed)
  • Side-by-side can be more comfortable for some people. It can be symbolic to have someone beside you to “move forward” together and can be powerful for people when they feel stuck in their lives. (Sepideh Saremi, Run Walk Talk)
  • There is time at the end of each session to stretch and check in. We set goals, get some water. I teach clients to take care of their bodies.

Contact me if you are interested in Mind + Motion Therapy today. I’d be happy to answer any questions and see if it’s a good fit for what you are looking for.